Nate & Trudy Bertram are seeking to "Ignite Hope" in McDowell County, West Virginia by helping to lay the groundwork for healthy groups of Jesus-followers within the community.  They achieve this through redemptive relationships, Bible study groups, and discipleship groups.

McDowell County is in the heart of the Appalachian region and has endured a striking number of economic, political, and natural catastrophes.  These circumstances have contributed to an environment that is challenging  ...but in the midst of difficulties, there is Hope.

As they form redemptive relationships with others, they are intentional about investing into the lives of people around them, desiring that these friendships draw people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

In their Bible study groups, they meet with a few families at a time with the goal of encountering Jesus through prayer & worship, Bible study, and mutual encouragement.

Discipleship groups help motivate people to spend time with God on their own  …praying, reading, memorizing, and journaling.  They meet in small groups weekly to promote accountability and share what God has been teaching each person.